Timeless design inspired by undying love

It all begins with love

Our design house is named after Elissar, also known as Dido, the legendary Phoenician queen of Carthage. Elissar, mourning the death of her beloved husband Sychaeus, flees the city of Tyre and establishes the renowned city of Carthage. There, she meets Aenid, who tries to woo her and win her love. But her loyalty lies with Sychaeus, her true and eternal soulmate, whom she chooses to join in the afterlife rather than live in this world without.

A bespoke bridal design house

Behind the Brand

Modern and timeless. 
Not afraid to be unique. 

Fiercely passionate and deeply romantic.

Unafraid to break with tradition and follow her heart, trust her instincts, and lean into her confidence.

The Elissar Bride is…

When you choose an Elissar dress, you choose to stand out and shine. Each of our exclusive designs tell a unique story that you won’t find anywhere else.

One-of-a-kind Design

We provide a highly personalized, streamlined service to our retailers and brides. As a retailer, we will always provide you with our newest designs and a seamless operating system.

Support and Ease

A comfortable bride is a beautiful bride. We prioritize comfort and wearability in every garment without sacrificing style or quality.

Quality and Comfort

From the carefully selected and sewn materials we use to the client experience we provide, our attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry.

Attention to Detail

The principles and practices that inform our craft

The Elissar Promise


"The minute I put the Jordan dress on, I fell in love and knew it was what I wanted to get married in. It was everything that I loved rolled into one dress that was, at the same time, so unique and different from anything else I had seen."